This is primarily  a Photography blog, Mostly photos that I have taken, however I will from time to time include photos

taken by others, photos that I like.  Photos shot in New York, and in London..



I love working with “Poser 7” 3D Software.Constantly working on my Avatar. I am a huge movie fan, but I do not like all movies, generally I stay away from Horror Movies, .I love New York City, I love London, and San Francisco, the History, Energy and the Pulse of these cities, is just amazing. I love Sydney, but I have never been there: I surely want to visit Australia someday. I want to go to a place called Newtown, in Sydney, where they filmed the movie GARAGE DAYS, I love that movie.I love the movie RABBIT PROOF FENCE.My favorite TV show is” Mcleods Daughters”. An Australian Soap, Love that show.




This is the OFFICIAL BLOG for ROBERTDAVIS.PHOTOGRAPHY. Here you’ll find the latest news, images, video and resources concerning MOVIES, FASHION and ENTERTAINMENT. All images © their respective owners, no infringement intended.


All Rights Reserved. ———-FOR PHOTOS I OWN ——————————————————————— PHOTOGRAPHS – IMAGES———THAT I DO NOT OWN——— ————————————— The photos shown on this blog are for illustration purposes only and are are found from different sources all over the Internet, and are assumed to be in public domain and are displayed under the fair use principle. Some photographs may not be owned by me and may come from product/service websites and/or Google searches, etc. In no way am I implying ownership of these photos, nor am I in a position to grant permission for reuse. I provide information on the image’s source and author whenever possible, and I will link back to the owner’s website wherever applicable.


If I am using a photo that you own and you would like it to be removed, feel free to CONTACT US: CONTACT@ROBERTDAVIS.PHOTOGRAPHY and it will be removed.


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  1. Hello…..from Australia!!!! I live near wher they filmed Mcleods Daughters and I have just returned froma trip to Sydney…..I have shared some photos on my blog page!! I love movies also and am ery beginner in the world of photography! Your photos are great!


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